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Lean Manufacturing & Assembly Line Workstations

Worksmart Systems has developed an ergonomic, efficient, hybrid approach to old traditional production cornerstones: the assembly workbench and the assembly line. Our Fleximate® Integrated assembly systems provide you with unprecedented lean manufacturing flexibility now and in the future. These systems enable you to eliminate waste, prevent defects, and improve your line efficiency. Worksmart can provide the tools you need to reach your six sigma lean manufacturing goals.
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WorkSmart Floor Stations
WorkSmart 9000Floor Floor Stations
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Worksmart®'s Floor Stations are the ideal workstation solution for any manufacturing environment. Construction is exceptionally strong 1.50" anodized aluminum tubing joined together in unlimited configurations with glass filled polycarbonate fittings. Our workstations are extremely durable and are available in 4, 5, and 6-foot lengths. Custom applications are also simplified. more info