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General CIH20DL Data Logging Hot Wire Anemometer W/CFM/cmmand 8:1 IR Thermometer
General CIH20DL Data Logging Hot Wire Anemometer W/CFM/cmmand 8:1 IR Thermometer

  • This precision unit measures air flow volumes up to 2.5 million CFM (72,000 CMM) and features a hot wire sensor that handles even the lowest air speeds with ±3% accuracy.
  • Includes 8:1 IR thermometer with laser pointer that measures: -25° to 999°F (-32° to 537°C).
  • Allows precise capture and logging of up to 20,000 data points via the USB interface.
  • Ideal for measuring speed, volume and temperature of slow-moving air.
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General DCiS2 IBorescope 2 Wi-Fi Video Probe
General DCiS2 IBorescope 2 Wi-Fi Video Inspection Probe

  • Ideal for making high-quality video inspections of hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas or equipment
  • By running a free app from the iTunes® App Store or Google Play Store, any iPhone®, iPad®, iPad Air®, iPad Mini®, iPod touch® or Android™ device can display, capture, store and play back video clips and still images observed with the iBorescope2
  • The transfers are wireless, via a local WiFi hotspot without internet access generated by the iBorescope2.
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General DCS950 The Palmscope
General DCS950 The Palmscope

  • The PalmScope is more than just the smallest full-featured video inspection system available today. It is also built to survive in the harsh environments of plumbing and automotive maintenance and repair—not to mention any unusual situations a do-it-yourselfer might subject it to.
  • The unit’s thermoplastic rubber (TPR) housing and integral LCD are certified “drop-proof” to a height of 1m (3.4 ft.).
  • The system can be operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to use tools.
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General EP8709 Digital Psychrometer
General EP8709 Digital Psychrometer with Bright Display, Read Temp., Humidity, Dew Point, & Wet Bulb

  • Ideal for accurately measuring any environment's temperature, relative humidity (RH), dew point, and other condensation parameters.
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General IRT659K Industrial IR Thermometer
General IRT659K Industrial IR Thermometer with Star Burst Laser Targeting

  • Ideal for isolating overheated electrical components and hot spots, trouble=shooting HVAC/R and automotive systems, and performance-testing motors
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General LD7 Lightning Seeker Pers Lightning Detect
General LD7 Lightning Seeker Personal Lightning Detector

  • Ideal for early storm warnings, storm directions, and protection for any outdoor activity.
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Extech EX530 Digital Multimeter
Extech EX530 Digital Multimeter
Our Price: $210.00

  • Hand Held, Heavy Duty, RoHS
  • Accuracy: 0.06 %
  • Voltage Range: 0.01 mV to 1000 V
  • Resistance Range: 0.01 Ohms to 40 MOhms
  • Capacitance Range: 0.001 nF to 40 mF
  • Display Count: 40000
  • Frequency: 0.001 Hz to 100 MHz
  • Ranging: Manual
  • True RMS: Yes
  • Data Hold: Yes
  • Number of Digits: 3 1/2 Digit LCD
  • Data Sheet
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