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Aim NC265 Liquid Flux for Lead-Free Processes

  • IPA-based flux for foaming or spraying applications.

Aim NC259 Lead-Free Solder Paste

  • NC259 is a low-cost, lead-free halogen-free solder paste that offers the performance of tin-lead and high-silver lead-free solder pastes.
  • Provides excellent print definition and sustainable solder volume transfer as the demand for smaller pads grows.
  • Proven to mitigate head-in-pillow defects.
  • NC259 reduces rework and rejected board costs to the manufacturer.
  • NC259 is formulated to provide one of the longest pause-to-print windows in the industry resulting in less solder waste, fewer restart costs and improved overall quality of prints.
Aim NC258 Lead-Free & Tin-Lead Solder Paste

  • NC258 Solder Paste has been developed to offer long pause-to-print capabilities while enhancing fine print definitions.  NC258 Solder Paste reduces defects such as voiding and head-in-pillow.
  • The superior wetting ability of NC258 results in bright, smooth and shiny solder joints.  It also offers very low post process residues, which remain crystal clear even at the elevated temperatures required for today's lead-free alloys.
  • Available in industry standard sizes.
Aim NC257-2 Lead-Free & Tin-Lead Solder Paste

  • NC257-2 Lead-Free Solder Paste improves every aspect of lead-free soldering, increasing the throughput of the most advanced SMT applications. NC257-2 Lead-Free Solder Paste offers excellent wetting ability.
  • AND the thermal stability of NC257-2 Lead-Free Solder Paste has proven to eliminate the most challenging defects associated with lead-free SMT, including voiding and head-in-pillow.
Aim NC254 Tin-Lead Solder Paste

  • NC254 is a lead-free and tin-lead compatible solder paste that offers very good wetting, clear residues and has shown to eliminate voiding under micro-BGAs.
Aim NC217 Lead-Free & Tin-Lead Gel FLux

  • NC217 Gel Flux is designed for touch-up and repair work where the flux may spread away from the heat source.
  • NC217 Gel Flux is electrically safe even without a thermal profile. this gel flux dries within one hour of use with or without heat and is tack-free after four hours.
Aim GlowCore Cored Wire

  • GLOW CORE is a lead-free and tin-lead compatible no-clean flux core that offers very good wetting and low residues.
Aim NC257MD Jet Printing Solder Paste

  • NC257MD solder paste has been specifically designed for the MyData MY500 Jet Printer.
  • Its unique rheological properties were engineered and validated through extensive testing to provide continuous and consistent deposits.
Aim NC277 VOC-Free Liquid Flux

  • NC277 Liquid Flux is a VOC-Free flux that is as electrically safe as an alcohol-based flux and has a medium residue that is suitable for long thermal demands.
  • A medium-solids flux, NC277 is designed for large server boards that may be palletized to achieve top side fillet formation. NC277 can withstand the high thermal preheats required for palletized selective soldering.
Aim NC265LR Low-Residue Liquid Spray Flux

  • IPA-based, low-residue flux for spraying applications.