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LOC-18490 Loctite 7452 Tak Pak Accelerator
Our Price: $8.25

  • Loctite® 7452™ Tak Pak® Accelerator increases cure speed of Loctite instant adhesive and has aggressive cleaning properties. Excellent for cosmetic applications, for clear and transparent adhesive beads or fillets. Suitable for securing wires or coils to PCBs. On-part life of 1 minute. Acetone base.
LOC-12292 Loctite 444 Tak Pak Instant Adhesive
Our Price: $17.00

  • Loctite® 444™ Tak Pak® is a medium viscosity instant adhesive designed for use with Tak Pak accelerators to attain instant cures for tacking electronic components. Wire tacking to coil forms; tamper proofing adjustable components; mounting standoffs, edge guides and stiffeners to circuit boards. Commercial Item Description A-A-3097: Type II Class 3. Size: 20.0 g bottle
DOW-RTV3145CLR-3OZ Dow Corning Adhesive
Dow Corning RTV3145CLR-3OZ Adhesive / Sealant - Clear
Our Price: $29.50

  • One-part, clear, moisture RTV, non-flow, high strength and Mil Spec.
  • 3 oz. squeeze tube.
LOC-22231 Loctite 222MS Low Strength Purple Threadlocker
Our Price: $39.50

  • Loctite® 222MS™ Low Strength Purple Threadlocker is ideal for fastener diameters of 1/4" (6mm) and smaller. Its controlled lubricity allows for accurate clamp loads. Parts can be separated using hand tools. Mil Spec: Mil-S-46163A Type II Grade M. ASTM-D5363: Group 3 Class 1 Grade 1.  Size: 50.0 ml bottle
HAR-04001 Hardman Epoxy Extra Fast Setting Red
Our Price: $95.00

  • Epoxy, Red, Ultra Fast, 100/box - Extra fast setting for quick repairs.  Excellent adhesive for bonding wood, glass, metal, stone, concrete, ceramics & leather.  Typical uses:  Repairing of tools, auto parts, electrical & electronic components, furniture & other applications that require a fast setting adhesive.  Work time: 3 minutes.  Handling strength: 15-30 minutes.