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Gordon Brush WA12N
Gordon Brush WA12N Little Scrubber Stiff Nylon Brush
Our Price: $2.35

  • Gordon Brush WA12N is a nylon/wood applicator brush.
  • Ideal for dusting in confined areas or detail cleaning on printed circuit boards & SMT assemblies.
Gordon Brush 15B-003 ESD-S, Brass Bristles, 7 3/4"
Our Price: $5.01

  • Gordon Brush 15B-003 is a 7 3/4" plywood handle brush with 3 rows of bristles.
  • This brush is great for fine detail cleaning.
Techspray 2343-140 Eco-Friendly Light Duty Wipes
Techspray 2343-140 2343-140 Eco-Friendly Light Duty Wipes
Our Price: $9.34

  • Techspray 2343-140 is a "friendly green™ "dispenser of 140 light duty, 15x16.6" delicate task cleaning wipes.
Acid Brush 3/8" - 144 per box
Our Price: $12.50

Acid Brush 3/8" - 144 per box
Techspray 1610-5G Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) - 99.8%
Our Price: $120.00

  • 99.8% pure anhydrous (containing the least water possible and no denaturant) isopropyl alcohol is excellent for tape head cleaning, defluxing, stencil cleaning, other light cleaning, and as a flux thinner.
  • Avoid "bargain" alcohols for critical electronic cleaning.
  • Cheap alcohols contain much more water, which slows drying and can cause oxidation, while "denatured" alcohols leave residues.